Memorisation help booklets

to understand at least 50% of our 700 verbs and 1700 simple words in 6 languages.

Compare the many identical (''poly''consonant) translations in 6 languages !



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 Prova sei lingue




Each booklet has 32 pages in A5 format  -  Public price:  6,36€


Foreword and presentation (page 2)

28 pages translated in six languages and always with the

alphabetical ranking on the first language column.


The frequency of word usage in historical texts as the basis for our first words

and brainstorm organisation (page 31)


Last page with analysis of consonantal words in 6 languages (page 32)


last page


Series: Test, Admin, Kids, Police

We are working on the HoReCa series

(hôtels,restaurants, cafés)

Demonstration of alphabetical language classification


Other language versions will appear shortly.


Generally speaking:

Test booklets are intended primarly as an aid for branstorming sessions to memorise

and understand at least 50% of our selected words.


For the language classification we keep the Germanic (NL,DE,EN) and Latin (FR, IT, ES) language columns

together in order to better memorise the roots origines.



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